Reserch Achievements

METI National Project
Innovative Reserch and Development Program for the creation of new local industry

Three Projects proposed by Dr. M. Kutsuna have been accepted by METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in laset five years as follows

1) Developement of Advabced Laser Integrated Manufacturing System
  and High strength and High performance Panels.
                                in 2004 and 2005
  (Project Manager : M. Kutsuna, Fund 124 million Yen)

2) Development of Special Lase Peening Technology
                                 in 2007

  (Project Manager : M. Kutsuna, Fund 98 million Yen)

3) Development of Special Laser Peening Technology
                                in 2008

  (Projeect Manager : M. Kutsuna, Fund 69 million Yen)

 ◆Improvement of Friction Energy Loss for automotive parts and mechnacical parts
   (Improvementof engine fuel consumption for car and motor cycles about 4%)
 ◆Improvement of Fatigue Strength and Life of components and prevention of
   stress corrosion cracking by introduting the compressive residual stress for
   nuclesr plant, chemical plant,pressure vessels and bridge.
 ◆Coating anti- bacterium powder on the sheet and block to protect the human being
   from illness (air conditioner, medical devices) and cleaning the our enviromen


 1 Improvement of Fatigue Strength and Friction Energy Loss of Machinery Parts by Indirect Laser Peening, Proceedings of IIW International Conference on Advances in Welding and Allied Technologies, Singapore, 16-17 July 2009, pp.89-94.
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