1)Research and Development of Innovative laser Technology including cooperative research and development

2)Reseach and Development of Advanced Laser Intecrated Manufacturing System (ALIMS) including cooperative research and development

3)Reseach and Development of Modern Welding and Cutting Technology of many kinds of industrial materials including cooperative research and development

4)Reseach and Development of sensing and monitoring system and in-process control

5)Education and training of welding engineer and Laser engineer

6)International activities

7)Consultation, Consideration
  For Production Engineering, Metal Working, Laser Materials processing, Welding technology

8) The other Technology Trancefer to midium and small company

Productions of New concept products

◆Special Laser Peened products;
  1) LFL(Low Friction Loss) Piston for Car and Mortor cycles
  2) LFL Bearing for Wind power station
  3) LFL Machinerry part
  4) Filter, sheet and bloch with anti-bacterium powder and/or light catalysis
  5) Brooch and necklace with perfume powder

◆ Dissimilar metal joint/panel of steel to aluminum and titanium

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